This 2-storey house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, & 1 garage. It has total floor area of 195 square meters.
Every room in the corner the house has at least 2 windows, a good design considering the importance of natural lighting & ventilation. This factor is more emphasized by locating a big window in the staircase which more natural light & ventilation can pass through the mid area of the house both downstairs & upstairs. Under this staircase is the irregular space which is appropriately used as the storage. This combined staircase-storage separates the dining from the living area, which is a semi-public area of the house. The small room in the ground floor can the maid's room or the temporary space visitor.
In the second floor, the two bedrooms, located at the back side, share a bathroom. While located in front side is the master bedroom with its own separate bathroom is connected to the balcony that covers the garage. Two windows of each room upstairs have planters. Below this planter is the space provision for window-type aircondition unit which is covered with decorative grills so it still appears beautiful from outside.

Abode # 2431-0105

Contents of the Package:

    • Perspectives, Site Development Plan
    • Floor Plan
      • Ground Floor Plan
        Second Floor Plan
    • Reflected Ceiling Plan
      • GF Reflected Ceiling Plan
        2F Reflected Ceiling Plan
        Typical Ceiling Detail
    • Roof Plan
    • Elevations
      • Front Elevation
        Right Side Elevation
        Rear Elevation
        Left Side Elevation
    • Sections
      • Cross Section 1
        Longitudinal Sections 1
        Cross Section 2
        Longitudinal Sections 2
    • Kitchen Details
    • Toilet & Laundry Details
    • Toilet & Bath Details
    • Doors & Windows Schedule
    • Stairs Details
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