• All house plans of are based on the assumption that the site is on the residential zone, thus assumed to be in normal condition. Though, plans are basically conformed with building codes, it still has to be reviewed by architect/engineer who at the same time to stamp & sign as requirement to secure the building permit in your country or local area, and if necessary, modify it based on your local building code especially when you intend to build it in near earthquake fault, coastal area, & other critical area.

  • The logo presented in every sheet is just a default. For the purpose of building permit as required by building official, you may remove or replace the logo by the name of signatory architect or engineer who will sign & seal it. However, the electronic drawing file (also known as a digital product) is only a medium or instrument of idea, which grants you, as a buyer, the right to use the plans to construct a single unit only. retains the title & ownership of the design idea. The drawings permitted to you shall not be reused to construct by another individual without written consent. And it shall not be used for any design competition.


  • uses "cookies" on this site. A cookie is a piece of data stored on a site visitor's hard drive to help us improve your access to our site and identify repeat visitors to the site.

  • does highly value your privacy. You do not have to sign in so as to get your personal information. You are not required to log in & out to visit the site. And if ever any information collected, it is kept confidential & not intended to share, sell, or rent to anyone. will, however, use your email to reply to your inquiry.

  • uses Paypal, which is widely known as safe & secured third-party means of payment method. does not require you to send your credit card information. It does not even ask you to log in.


  • does not claim each set of drawing to be 100% complete and ready for building permit. The complete set of drawings for building construction permit of residential must include its corresponding Structural Plan, Electrical Plan, and Plumbing/Sanitary Plan. As of now, all drawings available are Architectural only as clearly specified in the "Contents of the Package". Besides, some specific data such as "name of the owner", "project address", "location/vicinity map", etc. are meant to be blanked to be filled up by buyer or home owner.

  • For digital package, since it is electronic files, it has no sign & seal. It is still the responsibility of the buyer to complete & obtain all the necessary requirements of local building official. It is also responsibility of the contractor & his/her supervising architect/engineer to check & verify the drawings and the actual construction site condition.

  • However,'s team is in the progress to complete all the necessary drawing documents ready for building permit. We will update and upload those other necessary drawings soon.

  • Finally, although considered the technical standards of building design, believes that every house design as representation of an idea, a work of art based on the freedom of creativity.


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