Choosing Your Home Design

Here are some suggestions how to choose your home design.

1. Determine your lot size and its width and length dimensions. This is to make sure that the home design you choose will fit in your lot.

2. Determine your spatial/room requirements. How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, etc.

3. Look at the floor plan and analyze the rooms or spatial proximity and traffic. Does it satisfy your personal and family culture?

4. Consider the natural light and ventilation. Does every room has enough size of window that natural light and air can penetrate from outside? This factor is important, because it is not only to save your energy bill expenses but also has health benefit to you as well as for emergency purpose in case of fire.

5. Choosing architectural style and aesthetics can be your last consideration, since you can delay and modify it especially if your construction budget is limited.

Some factors of design especially those techical aspects such as structural, plumbing system, electrical, etc. are considered and complied by, including building code requirements so there’s no problem when it comes standards.


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